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Daniel Fulton is an accomplished Landscape Architectural Designer. He began his studies at Mississippi State University and graduated into the field starting his journey in Dallas, TX. He broadened his coverage and experience by transitioning to Waco, TX covering designing, project management and project implementation. Through his excellent work he was recruited back to the Dallas area where he expanded his residential experience to include more commercial designs. 

In 2016, Daniel decided to make a major life change and married his wife, Victoria Fulton and relocated with her to the Nashville area to be closer to both families. Daniel secured a job as the lead designer less than a week after the move and is continuing to grow his portfolio and network here in the Nashville area. His drive and dedication to his job is noticed by all whom work with him, yet he maintains an excellent work/life balance. With the experience gained through this role, Daniel chose to branch out and start Danscape, providing affordable landscape and hardscape designs and installations to the people in the Tennessee community.

Daniel Fulton

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